A Place Where You Can Expect Life King Size !!

The awe of becoming a global and financial business hub, Dubai has more widely attracted people and the business corporate from around the world to get to the ground level and also considered as the world’s most dynamic transformed cities in modern history.

  • What Pulls People To Dubai?
  • A Future Destination
  • Dubai Loves You
  • City To Explore
  • Cultural Retreat


What Pulls People To Dubai?

The millions of visitors from all over the world come to this Majestic Destination visited Dubai during the year of 2006, were influenced to about 24,000 new residents per month. The malls that are present in Dubai are with the ultimate world class restaurants and several other features such as the sky scraper buildings, shopping, and stylish roads, fair and large space that makes you feel at ease. The novelty and the interest of skiing at the Dubai Emirates Mall with the temperature -50 degrees which can be ultimate cold and the best alternative choice for the extreme enjoyment. The short term gain and the relocating aspect which has lead to the development of cultural in different angle in this City of Dubai.

A Future Destination

The Dubai city’s future relies on been able to draw attention to the rich and cultural heritage with traditions and expectations from its expatriate community. This makes them to import to a world that is uniquely unique. Dubai is rich in Arabic culture. The local expatriates and the rich culture which are surrounded by them make an impact towards the entire community.

Dubai Loves You

The people of Dubai are crazier and want to be indulged in many of the activities during their Travel To Dubai. As much they love the city Dubai, this city also loves them with the entire standard which performs all the requirements for the fun filled excitement.

City To Explore

This is a place for people to have a free event and fun life for people. By the use of portal of internet, the Dubai Lime presents many free events to its subscriber base. At first it was a small group of people who used the Dubai Lime network to have a get-together for drinks and a movie night and music. The response to Dubai Lime Open Mic was a positive response for making it a success with more of a regular event at multiple locations. There were more response from the local musicians and Dubai Lime had made a connecting process to have a stronger local music community.

Cultural Retreat

Dubai is the center for the cultural part that makes more intense for people to have more offerings to the life of Dubai which truly gives the sense that can strongly sense the variation and changes with the sense of activities regarding the culture with strong representation of Dubai’s demographic and values of cultures of Arabic, Asian, Indian and Western music in a single forum. From the humble beginnings of an Open Mic, the original music night was with a small website company that supports the social networking site and links online subscribers to real time events that has been organized in and around Dubai. The range of users have grown exponentially ever since the conceptual launch recently it rolls over more than 1000 active subscribers.

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