New Attraction For UK Tourist In Dubai – Largest Mall On The Planet

Dubai is already adobe to the tallest tower in the world, so now the flashy emirate intended for another record-breaking construction. Its next project involves constructing the largest Shopping Mall on the earth, complete with climate-controlled streets, the world’s biggest indoor theme park and almost 100 hotels and apartments in it. In fact, the emirate has named it as ‘temperature-controlled pedestrian city. It will take up 48 million sq feet, the Mall of the Planet will also have health resorts, theaters, a Celebration Street modeled on the Rambles boulevard in Barcelona and ‘retail streets network’ that will stretch over four-and-a-half miles.


The grand project is part of Dubai’s bid to become a year-round tourism destination for UK Tourist, despite soaring temperatures in summer that can reach nearly 50C. People around the world use the Dubai Tourist Visa to Visit Dubai. This will be a grand addition to its attraction The new mall would be a city within a city, will be the emirate’s chance to attract boost Dubai Tourism even in the height of the summer and give a new dimension to Dubai Tourism Industry, by providing a completely climate-controlled experience. The shopping mall itself will take up forty-eight million square feet, housed below a glass dome, with other attractions extending beyond the central shopping area. In the cooler winter months, the dome will open, allowing people to shop in the fresh air, closing as the summer heats up. It is estimated that huge construction will attract 180 million visitors a year and developers hope it will be h Dubai Tourism Hub.

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