Sharing My Experience As Traveling Alone In Dubai

While I now take a trip with my spouse, I have used up the last seven years taking journey unaccompanied, and as a female I am an enormous supporter for taking journey solo.  I was by no means; ready to miss a trip just because friends didn’t wish to come along, and the knowledge also the experiences I got from traveling alone had boosted my self-reliance and in fact made me who I am today.  Not only taking journey alone entirely pushed you out of your reassurance zone, it makes you to relate with those who you wouldn’t normally relate with.  You’re totally free to roam around at your own spirit, and don’t have to negotiate your list or schedule to suit the requirements of others!


While taking journey solo as a single female might had been a weird idea in the past, but in modern time it’s very usual and quite regular and everybody’s doing it!  I have truthfully by no means actually found myself in a place where my gender made it tough or more difficult for me to travel; though challenges does still be present in some countries regardless of the world usually being more open to females who choose to take a trip alone. One such country is the The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the city is Dubai.

Dubai being a Muslim city with very deep religious roots and as with any city or country, visitors are required to value the local traditions and customs while you are there. Dubai is one of the safest places on the planet to visit – though I got to know pretty fast while staying in Dubai that female taking trip solo are rather of a novelty, and draw too much of unnecessary attention. Never for single time did me feel insecure while in Dubai and my whole trip was overall an exceptional one; though there were many occurrences when I felt extremely uncomfortable. Just for your information I used Dubai Visa Services to get the Visa For Dubai.

As Such, Here Are Some Tips For Traveling Through The UAE Alone As A Woman.


The major problem I faced was following Islamic customs while getting dressed for the extreme heat!  As Dubai is a Muslim city, humble dress is anticipated. Exposing, tight or short outfits is not at all suitable by all means, and you will indisputably hurt resident’s feelings by not following to a modest dress code.

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