What Are The Best Hidden Destinations Of Dubai ?

Dubai is a place which is completely filled with the world’s finest and beautiful places which is surrounds with the complete treasure that are not to be missed during the Journey To Dubai. The Trip To Dubai should be made the most enjoying part with lot of excitement where you can be mesmerized with the opportunities present at Dubai.

Some Of The Hidden Treasure Places That Are Must Visit In Dubai.

  • The Famous Lisaili Camel Market
  • The Bastakiya Area
  • Visit The Al Quoz At Dubai
  • Wadi Bih
  • Hatta Pools
  • The Al Sahra Desert Ranch

The Famous Lisaili Camel Market:


This Camel Market in this town called Lisaili features many handicrafts who work in regular basis. The Dubai Racing and Camel Club at the Al Ain Road is one of the best to make a visit. This road at Dubai takes you to the Bab Al Shams resort to have a refreshing break.

The Bastakiya Area:


The Bastakiya is one of the best historic districts in Dubai where you can have some of the enjoyment along with the Al Shindagha, Al Bastakiya areas. This region of Al Bastakiya is firmly named after the Bastak region where the locality is present with Dubai Creek, narrow lanes, wind towers old building etc. Al Bastakiya is one the unique architecture wonder with the wind tower, known as the barjeel where every part of Dubai has been indicated with the cultural behaviors, traditions which create a unique Tourist Adventure At Dubai.

Visit The Al Quoz At Dubai:

The outer part of Al Quoz guides the visitors to experience a great time and to get the hidden regions of Dubai with larger and unique destination which provides more spaces available to explore the hidden spots of Dubai where the visitors can have the ultimate traveling experience. You can also do shopping at this place at very reasonable rates.

Wadi Bih:


Wadi Bih is a location which is popular among the people who are interested for off riding, bikers, climbers etc. The completely outstanding natural beauty of this destination is an added advantage for the people and feels more insight of adventure.

Hatta Pools:


Hatta is situated in a Sheikhdom at the Hajjar Mountains which is located in the exclave Dubai. This city is completely included with the heritage style with lot to explore here in Hatta pools and also one of the highly popular touring destinations. The old village and the resort setup present at Hatta include the most prominent military towers which were built during the early 1780 which represents the heritage village everyday life.

The Al Sahra Desert Ranch:

The Al Sahra Desert Ranch is a place that is must to check out where you can experience the ultimate Arabian pastime, Camel Cuddling activity. The Camel Cuddling takes place for than 2 hours which includes refreshing Arabian juices with photographer to get the perfect moment to be captured.

These are some of the hidden places of Dubai which can be explored and witness the ultimate traveling pleasure along with the other Destinations Of Dubai. The Dubai Visa is an important document which is required for the person to visit Dubai.

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