Q.1 – Who does not need a visa to enter the UAE?

Ans - We have made this visa process very easy for you, what you need to do is, scan you required documents listed below and send to us on this email. Who does not need a visa to enter the UAE? You should check your eligibility, whether you require a Dubai visa or not. Some European countries don’t required visa and as per the source info, Israel national face problem in getting Dubai visa.

Q.2 – Can my visa application be denied?

Ans - As per the procedure, we submit all your required docs to embassy with Dubai visa application, and then it depends upon embassy whether they release of reject any application.

Q.3 – How soon I can get the visa?

Ans - We make the visa available for you within 24hrs if a condition shows that you required an urgent visa. You have to pay £100 extra for this express Dubai visa service.

Q.4 – How much time it takes, to get the visa?

Ans - Entire visa process takes 3-4 working days, and you can also get express service, which provides Dubai visa within 24 hrs.

Q.5 – Do I need to provide my all original documents to your office for Dubai visa?

Ans - No, Dubai visa is electronic visa, you need to provide us colored scanned copies of all your documents, then will send your visa in your email.

Q.6 – How much security deposit do I need to deposit for Dubai visa?

Ans - Taking Security deposit and then issuing a visa depends upon the nationality info, if your nationality falls into the list of security deposit eligibility list, then you need to provide security deposit which is refundable.

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